Another great winter day in the Dales

At least once year for the last four decades I have been making the pilgrimage to photograph the Glacial Erratics here or further south on Ewes Top Moss and Twisleton Scars.

Looking towards Whernside along The Turbary Road

The Turbary Road is an old peat cutters road, now used mainly by walkers heading up onto Gragareth, The road also gives easy access for potholers going to Rowten Pot, Jingling Pot and Yordas Cave among others

Ingleborough towers over Ewes Top Moss

This shot across Kingsdale from Keld Head was take, handheld with a Nikon VR 70-300 Lens at 140mm 1/25oth f14

Ingleborough Skyscape

This view of Ingleborough across Kingsdale follows you as you walk the length of Keld Head Scar. .

Whernside and Kingsdale from one of the many erratics along Keld Head Scar

Just one of the many glacial erratics balanced on the rim of the scar. Seen here looking up Kingsdale towards Whernside and the farm at Braida Garth

Strategically placed erratic point towards Ingleborough

After nearly forty years I can still find new erratics to photograph

these two and the foreground limestone pavement lead unerringly to Ingleborough

Descending from The Turbary Road with the slopes of Gragareth behind

This narrow track heads off from the main path behind and leads directly to the Cheese Press Stone.

The Turbary road runs along the the drystone wall in the background under the slopes of Gragareth

The sketchy path which leads to the Cheese Press Stone

The sketchy path from the previous picture leads here down to the Cheese Press Stone. Someone out there might confirm that this is the left stone or the map would use the plural

The Cheese Press Stone

I can never pass by without taking yet another shot of the stones and Ingleborough.

The shadow on the left stone gives an indication of the time of day.

The sun dipping behind a distant fell just lights up the rim of this scar

The tiny speck on the skyline is the Cheese Press Stone. I was quite lucky that I turned round at this moment and saw the line of light across the lower scar, it disappeared seconds later

Descending into Kingsdale as the light begins to disappear

Not a bad photo of Barbara as although she didn't know it at the time she had broken a bone in her wrist earlier along the scar. We even had a meal at The Marton Arms before going home. Brilliant radiologist at Victoria Hospital found a tiny break in her tiquetral.

One last shot taken along the Kingsdale Road before the sun goes altogether

One last shot before the sun went down