Over the last 15 years any analogue prints I have wanted to save have been stored in our bungalows loft space and unfortunately I have never opened the box's to examine them. Sadly the small amount of condensation we get over winter has had an unproportional effect on them and the mounts. Many of them are Lith prints, other bleach back or split toned techniques which are not noted to be archival anyway.

So those I want to keep have now to be photographed and stored digitally a job I have always meant to do anyway but just put off.

This medium format picture of Dead Vlei in Namibia was shot in 2001 using a Mamiya 645, a 45mm lens, orange filter using Agfapan APX100 and developed in Rodinal diluted 1:50 for 13 Minutes.

The straight print above was made on Kentmere VC Elite paper and developed in Tetanal Eukobrom.

The Lith print below was made on Oriental Seagull Fibre Based paper (Chinese) and developed in Fotospeed LD20 a two-part developer diluted to 15-1 and at a constant 30deg (dish heater essential). Development at high dilution takes a long time, sometimes in excess of 20 minutes patience is the key to lith printing and knowing when to pull the print from the developer. The longer the development the deeper the blacks and in this case the orange/yellow colour. Different papers give different colours ranging from blues through to this colour.

Lith Print